Order ‘Engrish’ T-shirts from The Frog Market, Bali – ‘Cos “Cool care makes you hot”

Hilarious Engrish t-shirts are should be make famous.


Near the foot of Batukaru mountain, Tabanan city, you’ll find pasar kodok, the frog market of Bali: a block and a half of second-hand clothes – all hand-me-downs from Central Asia.

Locals – and the occasional chicken – stalk the isles of clashing colours along streets with rain-carved gutters. Polyester, rayon, cotton drape these shacks – barnyards of it – unsorted, but spread out along the walls.

The result is a labyrinth, corridors of Konglish, Japanese, Chinese ‘Engrish‘ – a gallery of whack poetics (and genuinely quality get ups).

Global warm…ing is not cool. Global warm…ing is not cool,

is just one of the many polyester gems up for grabs – amidst casual wear and beach wear steals.

Balinese hang second-hand clothing on fences to keep people out. Perhaps due to such local taboos, most shoppers here are either not from Bali – or they’re making haste and may be a little skittish.

Funny Engrish t-shirt

Call me ignorant.

A few years prior in Korea I was asked to donate to a clothing drive for Indonesia. Church-goers were patting themselves on the back for what amounted. Exemplary of how things work here in Indonesia, someone decided to monopolize these first-world hand-me-downs, selling in lots of 100 kilograms. From the harbour, these fabrics – including winter parkas – come to decorate this croaking little neighbourhood. Here, foreigners expect to pay forty thousand Rupiah (about USD $4) for a pair of pants – be they cotton or rayon – and fifteen thousand Rupiah less for shorts and t-shirts.

One shirt boasts its lackluster patriotism,

I’m glad I’m Japanese,

dryly enough to deserve a guffaw.

The nearby mountains and rainforest of the west (from Tabanan on, it’s tens of kilometres of old-growth jungle) contribute to a few daily showers here; expect the frog market to be aptly damp, so bring an umbrella and a change of shoes.

Rabbit don’s eat candy,

written in a font 15 centimetres tall, makes you think, somewhere out there in Asia there are some dreamy people – copywriters with perfect Engrish who know exactly what they’re doing. And slowly, they’re trending.

Broken English is not for every occasion. The frog market also has quality clothing – formal or casual – in sizes for nearly everyone.

You wouldn’t know, but in the middle of nowhere Tabanan, sights and sensations abound. Batukaru mountain, as the second-tallest mountain in Bali, is a challenging and luscious green trek above the clouds. Trailing you through the oldest forests in Bali, the trail begins east of the second largest temple in Bali, Pura Luhur Batukaru – another of Bali’s must-see holy places. Further to the base of the mountain, yeh panas hot springs is good for a few hours of relaxation – offering both private and public pools, naturally heated and smelling just lightly sulfuric. A trip to Tabanan’s Subak Museum will explain the importance of these waterholes: the most intricate web of irrigation, known as subak, regulating all crop growth across the island – with bamboo blockers and pipes.


Engrish…Is it here inescapably?


Engrish t-shirts from Indonesia

Relax! Make your cognitive abilities at ease! Read the fine print: …Back to the bedroom with a cup of tea. and it lights a canale. and yearns for something some. Let’s go for the trip of 100million light year if it sticks to the sleep soon.

Would you ever purchase any of the attire featured above? Let me know which one, and if it’s still there when I go back, I’ll send it to you! /\_-

Silly Engrish on shirts

“Symbiosis! Stand up!”
Funny name for an elephant, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Order ‘Engrish’ T-shirts from The Frog Market, Bali – ‘Cos “Cool care makes you hot”

  1. ha ha ha ha yep i love these shirts. they abound here in thailand too. google translate can’t deal with thai at all so a lot of menus, business names, pamphlets etc. are truly bizarre/awesome. never heard of this market before. might have to check it out when i get back to your neck of the woods. nice post!

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