Tourism Diction: Penniless is SO Easy Going


Bali is the chill new destination for tourists seeking solitude and peace on a tropical oasis. The best way to describe life on the island is easy-going, laid-back, and very colourful. Come and enjoy Bali. You deserve it.


Bali is a haggard, worn-out destination for throngs of yuppies sold on the promise of finding solitude and peace on an overcrowded, scorched, impoverished island. The best way to describe life on the island is scatter-brained, manic, lacking opportunity and money, and struggling (against capitalism) to maintain the beautiful shreds of its own authenticity. Come and encroach on a suffocating culture. We accept credit. (Death to drug traffickers).

Tau, tau…Guah bikin sensasi aja.


Truthfully though, the disparity is often that dyer.

“People are so laid back here! They don’t even wear shoes!”

In the brief time it took me to adapt from the first world to the underdeveloped one, I saw a man’s foot – scarred from the ‘toe-floss’ of his flip-flops.

“Ah, the scars of leisure,” I thought – before slapping myself, metaphysically.

But hey, how could you expect a newcomer – especially an Aussie Schoolie – to draw a line between what’s worn out, shattered, sloppy, lost, desperate, passively-aggressive and culturally broken – and what’s easy-going, laid-back, in some kind of Rastafarian Jihadist mash-up style-grab?

How do you perceive someone without a helmet, having a beer while driving a motorcycle? How about a prostitute who has never used condoms?

How vast is the difference between reckless, misinformed idiocy – and true freedom?


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